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              Shipping & Delivery


              Maisonette is a marketplace of 1000+ brands both large and small. When you place an order, every brand ships their product directly to you. If you place an order with multiple brands, you will receive shipping estimates based on each brand’s unique timeline. We recommend you check the estimated arrival dates of all your shipments in the checkout process or on the orders page in your account. Some brands are smaller than others and may have limited resources.

              Maisonette is pleased to provide simple and affordable flat rate shipping options to all U.S. states. Domestic ground shipping is free for orders over $95 and the item(s) being ordered all must be able to ship via traditional ground shipping for this promotion to apply. Orders over $95 that do not ship via domestic ground shipping (expedited orders, large parcel items, medium parcel items, freight delivery, and items that ship from outside of the United States) may include a small fee.

              Holiday Shipping

              Given our high demand during this time, ordering early is best. Please check estimated arrival time at checkout.

              THANKSGIVING For delivery by Thursday 11/22/23, we recommend placing all orders by the following dates: Ground Shipping: Fridday, 11/3/23 2 Day Delivery: Friday, 11/10/23 Next Day: Monday, 11/13/23

              HANUKKAH For delivery by Thursday 12/14/23, we recommend placing all orders by the following dates: Ground Shipping: Wednesday, 11/27/23 2 Day Delivery: Monday, 12/4/23 Next Day Delivery: Tuesday, 12/05/23

              CHRISTMAS For delivery by Sunday 12/24/23, we recommend placing all orders by the following dates: Ground Shipping: Monday, 12/11/23 2 Day Delivery: Sunday, 12/17/23 Next Day Delivery: Monday, 12/18/23

              **For personalized gifts, please place orders by the following dates: Ground Shipping: Thursday, 11/30/23 2 Day and Next Day Delivery: Thursday 12/7/22 & Friday 12/8/23

              NEW YEAR'S EVE For delivery by Saturday 12/30/23, we recommend placing all orders by the following dates: Ground Shipping: Friday, 12/15/23 2 Day Delivery: Friday, 12/22/23 Next Day Delivery: Saturday, 12/23/23

              For more information on holiday shipping, please visit:

              Taxes & Duties


              For US orders, Maisonette does not collect taxes in all states. Your purchase may be subject to sales and use tax. Depending on your state, you may be exempt from sales tax—some states require a tax return at the end of the year for purchases made online.


              If you are buying a product from a country outside of the US, duties are included in the price of the item. If the total of your shipment is over $800, you may be subject to relevant import duties charged by your carrier.


              Due to our marketplace model, we cannot guarantee any cancellations or changes once your order has been completed, but we are sometimes able to make changes to orders that have not yet been shipped. Orders that have already shipped cannot be changed or canceled. If your order has already been dispatched, our support team will be happy to set up a return for you. Please note that we will not be able to accept a return for any items marked as Final Sale. If you want to cancel or make changes to your order, please reach out to our support team at

              Freight service

              Items meeting a specified weight/dimension criteria will ship via freight service—the carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery.