By joining C.O.R.K. our members agree to abide by the following by-laws
Note: Dogs shall refer to both dogs studs and bitches

    To insure that the members of C.O.R.K. are breeding “good” examples of the Rottweiler breed. It is mandatory that breeding stock be mentally and physically sound. There should be no question in temperament, they are meant to brave, intelligent, calm, and loyal. These are the traits we should be striving for when breeding.
  2. Records
    I agree to keep accurate records of all breeding stock and their litters. If I breed my bitch or use stud dog service, I will insure all proper paper work is present and there is no question about their truthfulness. All breeding stock is to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club or any other international registry.
    All puppies NOT purchased as show, working and breeding stock are strongly recommended to be registered with the CKC on a NON-BREEDING contract.
    1. I agree to use for breeding only those Rottweiler’s that are registered with the C.K.C. or any other international registry. That they have OVC\OFA certified Hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.
    2. only those Rottweilers will be used for breeding that comply with the Canadian Kennel Club Rottweiler Standard.
    3. If breeding to Rottweilers owned outside of the country, I agree to use only those Rottweilers which are certified through their country of origin that have clear hips/elbows, and heart.
    4. As the owner of a bitch, I will breed only normal, healthy, mature bitches that have reached two years of age and have hips, elbows, eyes and heart OFA/OVC certification numbers. We strongly recommend that bitches not be bred over the age of 8 years. If they are bred over this age I must insure they are healthy and fit enough to do so. I will not permit my bitch to produce litters in three consecutive seasons. The stud mating with my bitch must have normal hip and elbows x-rays with certification number.
    5. As owner of a stud dog, I will only breed healthy, mature dogs that have reached two years of age and have clear hips/elbows, eyes, and heart with certification number. I will refuse stud service to any bitch less than two years of age, or which I consider in poor health or which has serious faults, or a bitch that does not have clear hips/elbows, eyes, and heart with certification number.
    6. Members are still permitted to dock tails, but it will not be to ADRK standards. I understand that if I choose to dock tails the entire litter must be docked. You dock one you dock them all.
    7. C.O.R.K. suggests that all testing that can be done to help remove any genetic problem should be considered.
    8. I understand that just because one of my breeding stock dogs has all the proper health clearances this is not a green light to go ahead and breed the dog. There are several other factors to look at to be an ethical breeder.
    9. All members are encouraged to buy from breeders who subscribe to this Code of Ethics.
    I agree to maintain good standards of health and care for my dogs, including proper veterinary care. I agree that my dogs will be well socialized and able to function calmly in the outside world.
  5. SALES
    1. I will refuse to recommend or sell to breeders who do not conform to C.O.R.K’s code of ethics. None of my dogs will be sold to retailers or wholesalers. I will not sell any of my Rottweilers for junk yard protectors. I will clearly state to a buyer whether the puppy or dog being sold is potentially a show or pet type. I will not release puppies before they are eight weeks of age, and only with full knowledge that they are healthy and have had the required medical inoculations and care. I will urge my puppy purchasers to provide obedience training at the proper age. All puppies bred by me and born in Canada shall be micro chipped/tattooed at approximately six weeks of age with letters allotted to me by the Canadian Kennel Club.
    2. I will inform any buyer if the dog or puppy has a physical condition, or serious deviation from the standard, and the sale will be made with an agreement in writing signed by both the buyer and the seller that the dog is not to be bred.
    3. No Rottweilers shall not be given as prizes, offered in raffles, or sold at auctions or for medical research
    4. All advertising whether oral or written, shall be honest and informative and shall in no way misrepresent the stock or services offered
    Written charges of violations of this Code by a member may be sent to our disciplinary council.
    She may be reached at
    The Board member will send the allegations to the Committee within two weeks of receipt. The Committee will investigate and report its findings to the Board of Directors within two months of receipt of the charges and may recommend any or all of the following levels of discipline:

    1. Warning (a member may not receive more than one warning in a one year period without incurring further disciplinary action).
    2. Action as described in the C.O.R.K. By-Laws. Following receipt of the committee’s report and recommendation, the Board of Directors will proceed as described in the C.O.R.K. By-laws.

    A sixty dollar fee will be required from any person bringing charges. If the charges are upheld, the fee will be refunded, if the charges are dismissed, the money will be retained by C.O.R.K.. If a member has special problems or circumstances, or if through no fault of his own, are in violation of any of the provisions of this Code, he/she may have the Committee review the matter and make recommendations.

    I have read C.O.R.K.’s Code of Ethics and agree to abide by them.